John Morand
Co-Chief Executive Officer

John Morand, founder and co-CEO of Kingsbridge Holidngs, is a veteran in the leasing industry with over 25 years in the industry. At Kingsbridge, he is responsible for the accounting and treasury functions of the business, supervising the financial management, the strategic growth and the corporate administration of the firm. Under his co-direction, Kingsbridge has grown to exceed $420 MM in total assets with total original equipment cost financed in their portfolio to approximately $600 MM.

Prior to Kingsbridge, he and Dan Flagstad launched an independent technology and general equipment leasing company that the two guided from start-up to industry leader in just a few short years.

Early in his career, Morand, a certified public accountant, was employed by the top accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand in the general audit/financial service division in Chicago. He also served as assistant treasurer for Evans Product Rail Car Leasing.

Morand is a 1979 graduate of Boston College and holds a degree in accounting.